One key contributor to the costs of driving is car insurance. Insurance companies set the insurance premiums on the basis of statistics. Particularly, those drivers who are aged below 25 years need to pay a higher premium than others. These young drivers are more prone to violating traffic laws and crashing motor vehicles. There are many factors that lead to an increase in the number of insurance premiums. However, there are ways to save money on insurance too.
To manage the costs of driving, it is important for you to reduce your insurance premium amount. Whether you are a teen or older than 25 years, getting admission into a driving school can lower insurance.
If you have been worrying about how you can lower your auto insurance, let us discuss how you can save by investing in a driving course.

Driving Courses

Learning to drive an automobile is an essential need. If you plan to learn driving and lower your auto insurance as a result, you have a number of driving schools to choose from. Regardless of which state you reside in, you’ll come across a number of training schools where you can receive driver’s education. But you shouldn’t get enrolled in just any course or in any driving school.

Always look for a driving school that is a government recognized, has experienced instructors, and carries a good reputation. If you are in Edmonton, you can head straight to the Aftab Driving School.

The Aftab Driving School offers meticulously designed driving courses to turn students into better and skilled drivers. The institution trains you in defensive driving. But what exactly is defensive driving? This is a driving skill that helps you become a safe driver while you are on the road. When you are driving on the road, you may pass bad drivers as well. Bad road conditions can also compromise safe driving. Bad weather conditions are another reason that can lead to crashes or accidents. Defensive driving prepares you to deal with all such scenarios and drive in a way that keeps you safe all along until you reach your destination.

If you want to know more about what is included in a defensive driving course, you should talk to instructors at the Aftab Driving School. They will answer all your questions so you know what to expect in the course.

Get Enrolled in Insurance Reduction Course

Driving schools offer different levels of driving courses. You can select a course that is a good match for your schedule, budget, and specific educational needs. Driving schools offer hourly lessons and insurance reduction courses. You can get enrolled in insurance reduction courses to lower insurance.

Located in Edmonton, the Aftab Driving School offers:

  • Insurance Reduction Course [ 6 Hours Driving Experience]
  • Insurance Reduction Course [ 10 Hours Driving Experience]
  • Insurance Reduction Course [16 Hours Driving Experience]


If you are planning to reduce your auto insurance premium, you should take admission into any one of these courses, as per your needs. All of these courses are aimed at teaching you defensive driving skills. 

Driving SchoolYou’ll need to complete 15 hours of in-class or online driver education to acquire the certificate. After successful completion, you can collect the certificate and then use it to save money on your car insurance.

The main goal of the Aftab Driving School is to train teens, young students, and other drivers in key areas of driving such as defensive driving skills, benefits of observation, the significance of perception, and traffic rules. In addition to these, the courses teach you all those valuable skills that will turn you into a skilled, safe, and most-effective driver and enable you to clear the road test. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Since the hours of driving are different for each course, the costs of these courses also vary. But this money is certainly well-spent. Going to a reputed driving school can equip you with some of the most effective driving skills and techniques, which will keep you well-protected on the road.

Courses that are high-priced are aimed at truck drivers and those who work as drivers in the transport industry.

In order to lower your auto insurance, you should get enrolled in a driver education program of your choice and graduate the same. The basic course offers 6 hours of driving experience and is priced at $290. The other two insurance reduction courses are $420 and $750. The Aftab Driving School offers these courses in several languages so as to suit varying needs. 

How Much Can You Save on Your Insurance?

As a teen or a young driver, you’ll find it very hard to afford an insurance premium of $4000 or $5000. If you are just looking for an experience of the road, a high premium will make things really difficult. 

That’s exactly where graduating a driver’s education program will come into play. After you have successfully completed the course from an accredited driving school, you can use the certificate to lower the insurance. Exactly how much discount you’ll get varies from one insurer to another. It is always advisable to do some research in advance and browse around a little. In this way, you can check out different offers and select the insurance deal which is the best of all. 

Focus on building a clean driving experience. A great driving record will help you save more on your car insurance premium.

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